In Memory Of John Peel Show Aug 8th – Podcast & Playlist

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A show that rips up against the edges of everyone’s tastes, last through to discover those gleaming – never heard before essentials… No talkovers – Just like John Peel did it.

Please Back the show! Any amount to helps pay for the six months of podcats.

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Costs of show exceed $1000 per year please Contribute just the value of a night out…   Hit that Donut button bottom left corner here & thank-you.
In Memory of John Peel Show… LIVE on Fridays noon-2pm Pacific time on Radio23 & even on Xbox

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:56 Photographic (Megamix) 8-Bit Operators 8-Bit Operators: Tribute to Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Science Receptors Music Inc 2014
8:08 The Murder of Dylan Hartsfeld John Murry Califorlornia EP Evangeline Records 2014
4:03 Kiss Me A Lot Morrissey World Peace Is None Of Your Business Harvest 2014
3:58 Recognize YOU. Sunchaser Dais Records 2014
4:52 Cross-Contamination Wood Spider Decadence 2014
6:29 Silent Canyon Butterfly Gulf Stream #Iran 2014
4:51 No 1 – Asmussen, Signe/Balland, Jeanette/Fuzzy FUZZY Chimes of Memory (Krogh Rehling Balland) Dacapo 2014
6:00 Ego Death (Prod. by Jeremiah Jae feat. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown) Busdriver Ego Death b/w Colonize The Moon Big Dada 2014
6:44 Lucid Dream Tor.Ma in Dub Delirious Experiences & Echoes #Mexico 2014
3:36 Be Free Wanlov the Kubolor Yellow Card #Ghana-Pidgen Music 2010
0:25 Last Skilt Wanlov the Kubolor Yellow Card #Ghana-Pidgen Music 2010
10:58 Shifting Patterns and Challenging Journeys Jared C. Balogh I Am The Ship // I Am The Shaman 2014
5:45 No 3 – Fuzzy FUZZY Chimes of Memory (Krogh Rehling Balland) Dacapo 2014
3:33 Bad Law Sondre Lerche Please #Norway-Mona 2014
8:09 Type Lngchps Ginger #Argentina 2014
4:35 Trouble Dilated Peoples Director’s Of Photography (Clean) Big Dada 2014
4:50 My Own Good Alison May Loved / Dark Misery Loves Co. 2014
2:54 Rubber Stopper The Heligoats Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 2 2013
6:17 Unbridled Capitalism New England String Quartet CERVETTI S Unbridled Navona 2014
3:11 Eaw no1 Jurica Jelic (composer) Electroacoustic layers #Croatia 2011
4:31 Song For Five & Six Owen Pallett In Conflict #Canada-Domino 2014
0:29 Skilt Tiri Wanlov the Kubolor Yellow Card #Ghana-Pidgen Music 2010

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