In Memory Of John Peel Show Aug 15th – Podcast & Playlist

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Bald-heads, Ovals, Can Can Heads? All shapes & sizes of music as this week’s dancy show bounces all over the place with a classy centrepiece – except for that, Just like John Peel did it.

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:09 The League Of Bald-Headed Men The Fall The Infotainment Scan [Disc 1] 1993
2:54 Too Numb to Step Can Can Heads Butter Life 2014
5:58 The Wet Button Butterfly Gulf Stream #Iran 2014
1:56 roti sunca stefan schmidt/farang uvuch lirdhira Music for Overexposed Celluloid 2014
3:22 RGB DELS Petals Have Fallen Big Dada 2014
2:03 Date of Execution May 13 2010 Corey Dargel Last Words from Texas 2011
2:02 My Girl Comes to the City Castanets Decimation Blues Asthmatic Kitty Records 2014
3:06 Faking It The Harvey Girls Live in a Basement 2014
4:22 The Sky Behind The Flag Owen Pallett In Conflict #Canada-Domino 2014
8:09 Verb Fiction Wood Spider Decadence 2014
3:19 Wide At Midnight The Wytches Annabel Dream Reader Partisan 2014
3:56 Myths Kirlian Camera Uno (1979-1981) #Italy-Dark Entries 0
3:22 Jardin Botanique Opera Multi Steel Opera Multi Steel #France-Dark Entries 0
2:00 End Result Bill Corsello 0
2:21 Signal 2012 Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland Hyperdub 10.2 2014
10:53 Golden Pacific Baroque Orchestra Jocelyn Morlock: Cobalt #Canada Centre Discs 2014
4:32 Kashmir Lili Haydn LiliLand MRI/RED 2014
5:01 Get Paid YOU. Sunchaser Dais Records 2014
1:48 Take To The Fields Kahoots Take To The Fields Telegraph Harp 2014
4:14 Wear The Wounds (Clipping Remix) Youth Code A Place To Stand Dais Records 2014
4:13 Position Ikonika Position EP Hyperdub 2014
3:47 Panorama Oval O Thrill Jockey 2010
5:57 Reverdeciendo (Tor.Ma in Dub rmx) Lengualerta Delirious Experiences & Echoes #Mexico 2014
1:48 Red Bikini Waltz Caroline Rose I Will Not Be Afraid Thirty Tigers 2014
0:36 When My Dog Gets Out Let Him Run o’death Out Of Hands We Go 2014
7:41 Holland Tunnel Dive impLOG Holland Tunnel Dive @darkentriesrecs @SaraCasella_ 0
4:05 Science For A Better Life (CI) Diamond Version CI Mute 2014
0:44 Hawl PC Worship Social Rust Northern-Spy Records 2014
1:17 To Kill All the Echoes Can Can Heads Butter Life 2014

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