In Memory Of John Peel Show Aug 1st – Podcast & Playlist

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Respite from the madness that reigns on planet Earth, Starting with Sierra Leone’s Refugee all Stars and taking you on a wild journey of NEW music – jazz – folk – rock – experimental – you’ll find something in the mix. No talkovers – Just like John Peel did it.

Please Back the show! Any amount to helps pay for the six months of podcats.

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In Memory of John Peel Show… LIVE on Fridays noon-2pm Pacific time on Radio23 & even on Xbox

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:42 Maria Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars Libation Cumbancha 2014
3:33 I’m In Love With Mary Magdalene Henry Wagons “Expecting Company?” Spunk Records 2013
5:45 Gold Rachel Eckroth Let Go Virgo Sun Records 2014
5:42 Lord Byron Steven Copes, Erin Keefe Campbell, Chris: Things You Already Know 2014
5:41 Winter strobing patten ESTOILE NAIANT 2014
2:13 The Nightclub Toilet Stefan Jaworzyn Drained of Connotation 2014
4:02 You Already Died Kahoots Take To The Fields Telegraph Harp 2014
2:28 Just Dust Quilt Held In Splendor 2014
5:10 Behind The Wheel Inverse Phase 8-Bit Operators: Tribute to Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Science #USA-Receptors Music Inc 2014
7:00 Pt 3 Separating Circle Simon Mathewson Paradiddle in F Minor 2014
2:59 Be My Eyes Castanets Decimation Blues Asthmatic Kitty Records 2014
5:07 The Water Ignatz Ignatz III #Belgium 2009
2:20 Stomach Direction Wanlov the Kubolor Yellow Card #Ghana-Pidgen Music 2010
4:12 LAST WALL (FEAT. THE GROUCH & ELIGH) Amp Live Headphone Concerto Plug Research 0
9:03 To Be. James Harris James Harris’s Album #USA-in #Japan 2014
5:12 Woman of the Olive Groves Zara McFarlane If You Knew Her Brownswood 2014
2:25 Dreams Don’t Look Like My Brightest Diamond None More Than You Asthmatic Kitty Records 2014
4:22 Adinatisa O Kaymenos Daniel Padden On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt #Scotland 2012
4:34 Kotche: Anomaly – Part 3 Kronos Quartet Adventureland 2014
3:45 Black & Crimson Opal Onyx Delta Sands Tin Angel Records 0
3:20 Cub Castanets Decimation Blues Asthmatic Kitty Records 2014
5:30 Gorr Anne Hytta Draumsyn Carpe Diem 2014
2:22 Freedom Of Information Ausmuteants Ausmuteants #Australia-Goner Records 0
1:00 Cyber Truth SICK STATE PARADISE EP #Belgium-zprecords 2014
3:25 Venom The Skull Defekts Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown 2014
2:46 Adderall Greys If Anything Carpark 2014
2:59 Runaway Kahoots Take To The Fields Telegraph Harp 2014

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