In Memory Of John Peel Show July 25th – Podcast & Playlist

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Music from more than a dozen countries and even more styles somehow meld to make a special show which includes Ginger baker’s first music for 15 years. No talkovers – Just like John Peel did it.

Please Back the show! Any amount to helps pay for the six months of podcats.

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Costs of show exceed $1000 per year please Contribute just the value of a night out…   Hit that Donut button bottom left corner here & thank-you.
In Memory of John Peel Show… LIVE on Fridays noon-2pm Pacific time on Radio23 & even on Xbox

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:44 The Riverbed Owen Pallett In Conflict #Canada-Domino 2014
5:17 Kick The Bride Down The Aisle Morrissey World Peace Is None Of Your Business #England-Harvest 2014
5:12 Why? Ginger Baker Front And Center (live) Motema Music 2014
3:29 Cross My Heart Fatima Dunn Waiting For Landfall #Switzerland 2013
3:19 Hit and Run Lolo Live from Shabby Road Studios Crush music 2014
1:10 Arise Frozen Remains Legacy #Mexico 2014
2:54 The forgotten ones Frozen Remains Legacy 2014
4:22 Harmonica Beat Yan Gant Y Tan Noise from Portugal vol. 1 2014
5:33 In The Name of The Lord JOHN 3:16 Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Alrealon Musique 2012
3:43 Wrong Time o’death Out Of Hands We Go Northern-Spy Records 2014
3:03 You Can’t Get It Right Beverly Careers Kanine Records 2014
1:30 Guy Picciotto Greys If Anything Carpark 2014
2:55 Flip Yr Lid Greys If Anything Carpark 2014
2:35 Pulsing: Cough Focus Kiev Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth Suspended Sunrise 2013
11:06 Det syng for Storegut Origami Arktika Absolut Gehör #Norway- silber records 2014
4:33 La Cumbia De La Loviya Mati Zundel Amazonico Gravitante #Argentina-Waxploitation 2012
3:34 Situaciones Peliroja Injusticia NYC-Chulo 2014
2:03 Paper Shadows Cold Specks Bodies At Bay EP Mute 2014
6:36 the last night Ignatz SELECTED SONGS FROM CASSETTES 2005-2009 #Belgium 2010
4:34 The Tree Butterfly Gulf Stream #Iran 2014
5:49 Image Monitor Learn Mark E Product of Industry Spectral Sound 2014
3:04 United Colours of KL White Hex Gold Nights Felte 2014
3:20 Digsaw The Wytches Annabel Dream Reader Partisan 0
6:18 Ariah Being Kiev Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth Suspended Sunrise 2013
3:24 El Dembow Me Salvo Island Boy Basic Instincts #Puerto Rico 2014
4:14 A Midsummer Evening Yann Tiersen ∞ (Infinity) #France -Mute 2014
1:20 Hammers A Small Glass Ghost Bandcamp 2014
1:55 Thanks Rev Propaganda Crimson Cord Humble Beast Records 2014
2:09 simon Crumplehorns crumplehorns Bandcamp 2013

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