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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:45 Pointless Killing Wolfhounds @TheWolfhounds Electric Music A Turntable Friend Records @TURNTABLEFRIEND 2020
4:31 Divided We Fall KAVE KAVE Arjunamusic Records 2020
3:58 Alpha Roman Rofalski @RRofalski Loophole Nonclassical @nonclassical 2020
8:07 Emp. Man’s Blues The For Carnation The For Carnation Domino @Dominorecordco 2000
2:30 I Civilized You Happy Dead Man @WDavidoliphant Vines Grow Between My Eyes Unrock 2020
3:38 but not remote David Torn FUR/TORN Screwgun Records @screwgunrecords 2020
4:40 You To Me Are Everything The Grand Gestures @GrandGestures1 The Sanjeev Kohli e.p. @govindajeggy Chute Records @chuterecords 2020
4:22 Vicky Let It Come Down Songs We Sang In Our Dreams Joyful Noise Recordings @joyfulnoiserecs 2020
4:13 C-Gem Sonny Bliss No Matter What Mood Maternal Voice @MaternalVoice 2020
6:19 wading for the hour BLACK QUANTUM FUTURISM @moormother Waiting Time/Weighting/Wading Time: On Juneteenth, Watch Night, Freedom’s Eve, and Emancipation Day Bandcamp 2020
3:06 Still, Again Jane Blanchard @Jane_Blanchard_ Still, Again Gerry Loves Records @gerryloves 2020
2:59 Willa The Icebergs @NycIcebergs @jane_lecroy Add Vice Imaginator Records @Drogersberry 2020
1:51 Fantasy Baseball At The End Of The World John K. Samson -single – Anti- Records @antirecords 2020
8:49 Anima Kamila Govorçin @KamilaGovorcin Anima Clang @clanglabel 2020
9:42 Metamorphosis (Ovid) ft. Finley Quaye Christopher Chaplin @CJ_Chaplin M Fabrique Records @FabriqueRecords 2020
3:45 SPAN Steve Coleman @mbase Morphogenesis Pi Recordings @PiRecordings 2017
6:08 Kratok agol Svetlost Six Years PMG Jazz F @pmgjazz 2020

  With an African Twist!

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
1:44 brandnotman monster island. the house of lancaster 2014
2:27 25 days (may15) Julia Brown An Abundance of Strawberries Joy Void @joyvoid 2016
5:43 In The Shadows Deer – single – Self Release 2017
3:17 Nkoy Jupiter & Okwess Kin Sonic Glitterbeat 2017
4:29 Quick As White by RAMZi Kasai Allstars Félicité Remixes (Crammed Discs) 2017
5:18 Pull Counter Steve Coleman Morphogenesis PI Recordings 2017
3:01 Truth dANNY tRASH Metal Postcard 2017
4:22 System of Shadows – I. Aurora Borealis Brian Belet SUFFICIENT TROUBLE Clean Feed 2017
4:39 Thirty-Nine Crumb Locket EP Self Release 2017
6:14 Cigarette Daijvhs – single – Metal Postcard 2017
3:42 some other kubolor Mutombo Da Poet 2017
4:11 Ko Boseke Damily Very Aomby Bongo Joe 2017
5:26 ej woods monster island. the house of lancaster 2014