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Rachel Eckroth

Midweek Bonus Show with tracks you just have to hear

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here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:07 Someplace Dangerous Field Music @fieldmusicmusic Another Shot EP Memphis Industries @memphisind 2021
5:53 Track Five Water From Your Eyes @waterfromyreyes Structure Wharf Cat Records @wharfcatrecords 2021
3:02 “Midnight Sauce” Cower @Bigladband Boys Human Worth @humanworthmusic 2020
8:26 Foxboy David Lance Callahan @TheWolfhounds English Primitive I Tiny Global Productions @tinyglobal123 2021
3:56 Tiny Bit Of Life Josienne Clarke @josienneclarke A Small Unknowable Thing Corduroy Punk 2021
5:29 Par Un Dimanche Au Soir Myriam Gendron Ma Délire – Songs of Love Lost & Found Feeding Tube @Feeding_Tube 2021
7:13 Dried Up Roots Rachel Eckroth The Garden Rainy Days Records @rainyspb 2021
5:17 Aviary Jo Berger Myhre @jobergermyhre Unheimlich Manoeuvre RareNoise @RareNoise 2021
3:22 What Happened To Your Heart (Bing & Ruth Rework – Part II) Peter Broderick @BroPeterick The Wind That Shakes The Bramble Erased Tapes @ErasedTapes ? 2021
2:41 Gentle Smile Megan Alice Clune If You Do Room40 @room40speaks 2021
3:42 Girl sister. @sistermusicnyc Something / Nothing Self Release 2021
1:02 Planet Spllit SPLLIT Spllit Sides Feel It Records 2021