In Memory of John Peel Show 230414 Podcast & Playlist

Posted: April 15, 2023 in Uncategorized
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Episode 889: “Even the pop music is interesting”

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
2:48 This Land Activistas A Is For Activistas Punk 4 The Homeless @P4THofficial 2023
2:51 Flush the Fascists Mudhoney @mudhoney Plastic Eternity (Internal Use Only) Sub Pop @subpop 2023
3:28 Online Cemetery Blokeacola @Blokeacolazero Jupiter Eats Planets 2023
4:43 A Story of Things to Come Citizens Band Orchestra So Changed the Landscape Adrian Recordings @adrianrec 2023
8:22 In Verona Lael Neale @laelneale Star Eaters Delight (Internal Use Only) Sub Pop @subpop 2023
4:47 Teardrop Douglas Dare @DouglasDare – Single – Erased Tapes @ErasedTapes ? 2023
6:08 How Do You Like Them Existential Crises The Eyes and the Mistoids Sheer Carnage Waxing Crescent Records @Waxing_Cres_Rec 2023
3:49 Beekeeper audiobooks @audiobooks_hq Gulliver Heavenly Recordings @heavenlyrecs / PAIS @piasrecordings 2023
3:03 Ma3assalama (Sayonara) Baskot Baskot Lel Baltageyya Akuphone @Aku_Officiel 2023
4:10 O_N Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo @deathtripper ELP Dissipatio 2023
3:23 Job Centre Proc Fiskal @ProcFiskal Rt Hon EP Hyperdub @Hyperdub 2023
4:02 Cauliflower Curry Robb Johnson & the Irregulars @RobbJJohnson 8 songs about anarchism 2023
2:56 Orchid Juke Nondi_ @TianaHRR Flood City Trax PLANÈT Mu @Planetmurecords 2023
0:49 techno-sexe: vol d’aéroport Martin Daigle Beat La Rage Ravello Records @ravellomusic / Parma @parmarecordings 2022
36:03 Inland lake (le lac intérieur) Lionel Marchetti & Decibel @DecibelNewMusic Inland Lake (le lac intérieur) Room40 @room40speaks 2022

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