In Memory of John Peel Show 230303 Podcast & Playlist

Posted: March 4, 2023 in Uncategorized
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Grand River

Episode 882: “Every Saturday Morning – we listen to the podcast – always something new and amazing – set’s up the whole weekend”

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
2:48 Warhorse Benefits @Benefitstheband – single – Invada @invadauk 2023
3:54 Literary Mind Sprints @sprintsmusic Literary Mind City Slang @CitySlang 2023
4:21 Heaven in Black Water The God in Hackney The World in Air Quotes Junior Aspirin @junioraspirin 2023
12:00 February Bonfire Hill @onbonfirehill @rebeccadenniff @bandofcloud @subphotic_ A Year on Bonfire Hill: February Castles in Space @CastlesInSpace 2023
3:41 The Troubles Of This World Hack-Poets Guild @HackPoetsGuild (Lisa A Knapp @LisaKnappMusic, Marry Waterson @MarryWaterson, nathaniel mann @animateddog) Blackletter Garland One little Independent @olirecords 2023
5:33 Assembly Line Raoul Sinier Dreams from the Assembly Line 2023
3:54 Can You Imagine This? George @johnhollenbeck @chiquitamagic1 Letters to George Out Of Your Head Records @OOYHRecords 2023
4:20 I Feel Fine Matthew Himes @MatthewHiram1 Hemlock & Bergamot Ramble Records f@Ramble-Records @atlantisman71 2023
6:04 In The Present As The Future Grand River i@grandriver.aimee All Above Editions Mego @EditionsMego 2023
5:48 I Am A Part Of The Wonder ft. @moormother @jacknifelee Lonnie Holley @lonnieholley Oh Me Oh My JAGJAGUWAR @jagjaguwar 2022
2:41 Same Old Story En Attendant Ana @enattendantana Principia Trouble In Mind Records @trouble_in_mind 2023
10:40 Long Winter Evenings The Snobs Blend The Horse! BISOU records @BisouRecords 2021
13:05 Stigmergy Natural Information Society Since Time Is Gravity eremite records 2023
6:56 Like the Dust Matt Rösner @MattRoesner Empty, Expanding, Collapsing Room40 @room40speaks 2023

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