In Memory of John Peel Show 230217 Podcast & Playlist

Posted: February 18, 2023 in Uncategorized
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 Setting Sons by Simon Pearce

Myself, she tells me, am more of an abstract painting – bigger than it needs to be, largely unpopular and initially very confusing”

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
3:12 My Bias comfort i@comfort.irl All Fears, Fully Formed 2022
4:47 Half Mile Sweet Williams Sweet Williams Wrong Speed Records 2023
3:54 Cut Italia 90 @Italia90band Living Human Treasure Brace Yourself Records @BraceYourselfPR 2023
3:16 Hoosi, No! Human Potential ‘Hoosi, No!’ What Delicate Recordings 2023
4:56 Oxytocin AUTORHYTHM – single – thanatosis f:???? ??????! 2023
7:46 Playing Games With Equality SDF @SDFcollective @Rkb_Vitesse Broken Glass EP Lost Map @LostMap 2023
2:47 Twit foil i@_foil__ On The Wing Jolt Music @ramplocal 2023
5:00 European Coffee Lounge The Storm Bugs @Steven_Ball Philip Sanderson Best Before 2027 2023
2:36 The Art of Swapping Hearts Piotr Kurek @pekurek Peach Blossom Mondoj @mondoj_ 2023
4:20 Where You Belong Cunning Folk @folk_cunning – Single – 2022
6:26 All Of This Is Chance Lisa O’Neill @lisaoneillmusic All Of This Is Chance Rough Trade @RoughTrade 2023
3:50 London Gone Leyden Jars @leyden_jars Gone Outer Reaches @outerreacheslbl 2020
1:51 Yellow Plague Milkweed @mlkwd_ Myths and Legends of Wales Devil Town Tapes @deviltowntapes 2022
8:32 I Gotta Hunch Lisa Marie Simmons, Marco Cremaschini NoteSpeak 12 Ropeadope @ropeadope 2022
10:13 No Breath Manuel Klotz & Sicker Man @sickermanberlin Havoc blankrecords @blankrecordsbln 2023

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