Paul Leary – Born Stupid

“This is no ordinary show, new music from all across the spectrum, linked in improbable and endlessly surprising ways”

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:07 A Trail of Wind and Fire (Radio Edit) Rats on Rafts @RatsOnRafts Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths Fire Records @firerecordings 2021
5:02 The Day After New Year’s Day Skink Tank Skink Tank EP Psychic Hysteria @PsychicHysteria 2020
4:11 2021 Cod O’Donnell f:@cododonnell – single – 2020
3:41 Born Stupid Paul Leary Born Stupid Shimmy Disc @ShimmyDisc 2021
3:13 Liberate Moderate Rebels @ModRebels The Sound Of Security 2020
5:05 The Yellow of the Flowers Rheingans Sisters @RheingansSis Receiver bendigedig @bendigediglabel 2020
9:28 Pan to Artemis Cunning Folk A Casual Invocation Dharma Records @philkr 2020
2:19 Cliche Radio Europa @RadioEuropa79 Look Past The Mirror EP Wormhole World @WormholeWorld 2021
4:20 Home Economics Steven Ball @Steven_Ball Home Economics Linear Obsessional @Richard_Linear 2015
4:33 Amnis (Creek’s Dream of Ocean) Kasper Agnas Grain Haphazard Music 2020
4:01 Diversitie Oyiwane Music from Saharan WhatsApp 11 Sahel Sounds @sahelsounds 2020
3:39 Back Steeet Luv Curved Air @CurvedAir1 The Albums 1970 – 1973 CD 2 (Second Album) Esoteric Recordings @cherryred 1971
12:56 Arthur Ganson Michael Grigoni & Stephen Vitiello @mgrigmusic Slow Machines 12k @12k_label 2020
4:38 Fragile Place Palberta @palberta5000 Palberta5000 Wharf Cat Records @wharfcatrecords 2021
4:29 Fader vår Guds Pengar @Guds-Pengar Granar som flyr staden [LP] Rama Lama Records @ramalamarec 2020
4:26 Counterpart Kluster B @klusterformusic “b” Rama Lama Records @ramalamarec 2020
10:42 1992 Kasper Agnas Grain Haphazard Music 2020

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