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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:31 I Don’t Belong Fontaines D.C. @fontainesdublin A Hero’s Death Partisan @partisanrecords 2020
3:26 I Made It Rain The Icebergs @NycIcebergs @jane_lecroy Add Vice Imaginator Records @Drogersberry 2020
3:44 Sleep Void chtin mara @marrtinrach Muse Seqcs Bandcamp 2020
3:07 Unemployment JonnyGo Figure @JonnyGoFigure – single – Rebelmadiaq Sound @Rebelmadiaq 2020
2:59 Nero Laurence Pike @pvt_official Prophecy The Leaf Label @TheLeafLabel 2020
3:26 Gulley ft. Kool Keith @KoolKeithDMV Ghostwood Development Project F @voteghostwood Gulley 2020
7:26 Qasan Kooba Tercu @KTercu Proto Tekno Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2020
2:46 The Drive / The Wreck Hemhora and the Glass Band @hemhora @HELIGOATS …play the Helix Pattern Blues Greyday Records @GreydayRecords 2018
2:20 Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Summer Mix] EJK & GVM – single – 2020
5:02 Piss n Laff Wanlov The Kubolor @wanlov Red Card – The Minstrel Cycle 2019
3:47 Shrieking Grief Sly & The Family Drone @SLYFAMILYDRONE Walk It Dry Love Love Records @loveloverecords 2020
4:44 Pamphleteer (Book of Jonah) Heurt @Helloheurt Cathedral EP Bandcamp 2019
4:09 (un)knowing Young Jesus @youngjesusband ‘Welcome to Conceptual Beach’ Saddle Creek @saddlecreek 2020
1:17 Cro Memory Grin Oily Boys Cro Memory Grin Cool Death Records 2020
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