Brigid Dawson and The Mother’s Network

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:39 Once More with Feeling John Callaghan @johnccallaghan If Every Day Were Like This One antigen records @AntigenRecords 2020
3:05 ? difference, for nik ? Powell aƒ19 ? multiply the sides_lp Diagonal Records @DiagonalRecords 2020
5:54 Is the Season for New Incarnations Brigid Dawson and The Mother’s Network Ballet of Apes Castle Face @castlefacerecs 2020
4:38 An Older Lover Etc. The Fall Slates/A Part Of America Therein Dojo 1981
4:12 Hide and Seek (M) Void Fill EP #2 Arachnidiscs @Arachnidiscs 2020
4:54 Poster Boy The Grand Gestures @GrandGestures1 The Grahame Skinner e.p. Chute Records @chuterecords 2020
3:23 Fourth Song Richard Youngs @nofansrecords Five Songs Bandcamp 2020
4:07 Joker Dax @thatsdax – single – 2020
2:58 Marie et Myriam (avec Biscornue bitch) Bleu russe & copains Missives d’amour vol. 2 Petrol Chips @PetrolChips 2020
3:23 TENDER LOVE ft. Ocie Elliott @ocieelliottmuse Mounika. @mounika_beats I NEED SPACE I.O.T Records @IOTRecords 2020
5:57 these broken wings, part 2 (pasacaille) Eighth Blackbird @eighthblackbird Singing in the dead of night [DAVID LANG @davidlangmusic] Cedille Records @CedilleRecords 2020
2:38 Füsse NINA HARKER Nina Harker Le Syndicat Des Scorpions f:@LeSyndicatDesScorpions 2020
3:23 Transition East Angel Bat Dawid @angeltheoracle Transition East International Anthem @intlanthem 2020
1:14 WHY DO U KEEP SNORTIN’ THAT SHIT JH3-Jari Haapalainen Trio Fusion Forever Adrian Recordings @adrianrec 2020
2:36 CERES KŒNIG MESSING Ventil Records 2020
3:17 Julie Mangos Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes @YussefDayes @TomMisch What Kinda Music Blue Note @bluenoterecords 2020
7:22 Sea Roman Rofalski @RRofalski Loophole Nonclassical @nonclassical 2020
14:44 where’d i bury that stupid clock David Torn FUR/TORN Screwgun Records @screwgunrecords 2020

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