In Memory Of John Peel Show: 20180725- Podcast & Playlist

Posted: July 26, 2018 in Uncategorized
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In Memory of John Peel Show – bringing the best new music to you in association with  KFFP FM & on patreon  GET behind what you believe in rebroadcast all over the planet to independent stations

(RSS)Pod-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic – itunes here’s the latest playlist

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:48 Caffeine OD Alien Nosejob Death Of The Vinyl Boom 2018
4:02 Wake Wendyfix @wendyfix We Have The Cracks Carpark Records @carparkrecords 2018
2:29 Boy Racers, RM1 The Wolfhounds Hands In The Till: The Complete John Peel Hands In The Till: The Complete John Peel Sessions Slumberland Records @SlumberlandRecs 2018
7:09 I’m Getting Thinner The Chewers Downhill Calendar 0
13:52 Galina Rymbu AGF @poemproducer Dissidentova Bandcamp 2018
3:18 Sometimes Ashley Reaks and Joe Hakim The Science Of Discontent 2018
3:47 Beef With Everyone false monster – single – Bandcamp 2014
6:22 Pets The Cool Greenhouse Crap Cardboard Pet Bandcamp 2018
4:58 Vermillion Becomes Cobalt Yarn/Wire @YarnWire Images of Duration (In Homage to Ellsworth Kelly) Northern Spy Records @northernspyrecs 2018
3:08 One War Buck Gooter @buckgooter 100 Bells Ramp Local @RampLocal 2017
0:59 Look Into My Eyes Rowland Yeargan Close Your Eyes Silber Media @silberspy 2018

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