In Memory Of John Peel Show: 20180323- Podcast & Playlist

Posted: March 23, 2018 in Uncategorized
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Be With listeners in 90+ countries – influencing the world with real music – back the
In Memory of John Peel Show in association with  KFFP FM & on patreon  GET behind what you believe in NOW! rebroadcast all over the planet to independent stations

(RSS)Pod-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic – itunes here’s the playlist

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:45 Pat Trip Dispenser (The Fall) Flesh Eating Foundation @flesheatingfdtn Fallen (A Tribute to Mark E Smith and The Fall) 2018
4:24 Skyway Dream Adam Rudolph, Dave Liebman, Tatsuya Nakatani @AdamMetaRecords @Dave_Liebman The Unknowable @RareNoise 2018
7:11 Thomswood Hill The Cold Spells @TheColdSpells – …. . / -.-. — .-.. -.. / … .–. . .-.. … Gare Du Nord Records @GareDuNordUK 2018
6:01 Hard Luck The Switching Yard @Switching_yard Yet Again Cardinal Fuzz @CardinalFuzz 0
3:43 Don’t Stop It Bush Tetras @bushtetras Take the Fall Wharf Cat Records @wharfcatrecords 2018
17:24 Hullucination Sam Lee & Friends @samleesong Hullucination NMC Recordings @nmcrecordings 0
4:49 – “Snatch” ONO @onoband OBEY Convention XI Moniker Records @MonikerRecords 2015
4:20 Half Believing The Black Angels @theblackangels Death Song Partisan @partisanrecords 2018
3:12 ENDLESS TRAUMA IN PHX Dondadi @connorlively ATMWorld Green House 2018

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