In Memory Of John Peel Show Mar 13th – Podcast & Playlist

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Easter Rd Impossible to summarize this show!

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:20 Body In A Box Old Light Ice Pharaoh Bandcamp 2014
3:30 Beyond Celery Celery Metal Postcard 2015
8:07 Blue Factory Flame Psalmships featuring Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner Unsung: Songs: Ohia Covers Compilation 2015
2:41 Intrinsic Grey Evans The Death Expect Delays Slumberland 2015
2:46 My Laddie Sits Ower Late Up The Unthanks Last Rough Trade 2011
3:49 I Once Loved A Lass Rosemary Standley / Helstroffer’s Band Love I Obey Outhere Music 2015
5:22 The Dictator The Scrapes The Songs of Baron Samedi #Brisbane Soft Abuse 2015
5:38 Xiao Di Fang Reykjavictim Reykjavictim: Xiao Di Fang Metal Postcard 2013
2:37 Landing Dub Chieftain Penninsular Sessions Metal Postcard Records 2015
8:26 Density Without Universe Zilmrah Classwar Karaoke – 0029 Survey 2015
3:57 Paen a la Nina Marilyn Carino Leaves, Sadness, Science Marilyn Carino 2015
2:08 Just a Change In Our Cosmic Address (for Edgar) Lezet Classwar Karaoke – 0029 Survey 2015
1:14 JPMS034 Zaph Mann Junk Poetry 2006
10:54 On It’s Double Damien Dubrovnik Vegas Fountain #Denmark-Alter/Posh Isolation 2015
3:57 Destroy Jerry Paper Carousel Bayonet Records 2015
4:09 Bad Blood Fred Thomas All Are Saved Polyvinyl Records 2015
6:04 Introdrone Daevid Allen Twelve Selves 0
0:53 Spectography Jozef van Wissem & Domingo Garcia-Huidobro Partir to Live: Original Soundtrack Recording Sacred Bones 2015
2:30 Soapdodging in the Underworld Meadow House Attempts & Results Beautiful CDs 2015
3:45 No Sudden Moves Dengue Fever Live At OPB 2015
5:12 You Will Be A Weapon Protassov Back To Work EP Switchstance Recordings 2012
3:27 The Shaking of Leaves Into It. Over It. Intersections Triple Crown Records 2013
4:09 Pure PAAR PURE / SHE BRINGS THE RAIN #Germany 2015
4:52 Disinformation Pornosect Recreation And Relaxation wet dreams 1984
8:14 Some Shards for the Void Tony Irving & Adam Cadell Some Shards for the Void duskdarter 2015

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