In Memory Of John Peel Show Mar 6th – Podcast & Playlist

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Oroma ElewaOroma Elewa

Sean Gorman, Dan Wilson, Siegmar Fricke star in what’s already been called a “Stand-out” show

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:44 In The Pines Swoop Swoop – single – Metal Postcard 2012
0:02 Sad Fanfare KevinMacLeod Incoming Text Sound Incompetech 2015
11:19 Carving Light from Earth Matthew Burtner That which is bodiless is reflected in bodies Centaur 2015
2:08 Tonwegsam/Einton Huber & Greie (AGF) Ausweg AGF Producktion 2014
4:46 Opportunity Rough Mix Zeigler/Lattimore 2015
3:23 Fake It Hannah Cohen Pleasure Boy Bella Union 2015
1:30 Clothes Pegs Meadow House Attempts & Results Beautiful CDs 2015
3:06 Anxiety Plae Nick Klein Failed Devotee Unknown Precept 2015
4:31 40 In The Shade Celery Celery Metal Postcard 2015
2:55 Bohemian´s Agony Diptych Kiss In The Alleyway The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records 2015
6:47 Diptych Vijay Iyer Trio Break Stuff ECM 2015
2:43 Sunny December Bombadil Hold On Bombadil 2015
2:55 Susan Anna Gal Jayme Stone Lomax Project Borealis Records 2015
2:50 I Know What To Do With Myself Swoop Swoop Swoop Swoop – Somewhere In The Shadows Metal Postcard 2013
2:56 SIGN ME UP Ecid Phermone Heavy (Clean Edits) Fill In The Breaks 2015
3:48 Purify (La Boum Fatale Remix) Unmap Purify Sinnbus 2014
6:02 Opacité Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide Temps Lumineux nostalgie de la boue 2015
4:38 Kunststoff Siegmar Fricke Absurdisco93 – tape – 1993
2:29 Delta 5 Matthew Burtner That which is bodiless is reflected in bodies Centaur 2015
2:44 Just 60,000 More Days ‘Til I Die Evans The Death Expect Delays Slumberland 2015
2:56 Too Old For This Shit! Protassov Fantastic Freeriding 4 – Now Switchstance Recordings 2013
8:04 The Little Lord of Misrule Áine O’Dwyer Music For Church Cleaners Vol. I and II MIE Music 2015
4:09 Shape Song Simon Mathewson Portasound pop Songs FMA/Cc 2014
1:23 Bad Miasma Meadow House Attempts & Results Beautiful CDs 2015
4:18 Like I love you Aan This Is why we can’t have nice things 2010
2:20 Oh Well Streaky Jake Streaky Jake: What’s Wrong….. Nothing Metal Postcard 2013
2:53 Funeral Party Hermetic Delight Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival #France 2015
2:32 RMF-3 (feat. Charlie Benante of Anthrax) Lee Bannon Main/Flex Babygrande 2014
4:55 Chalk Unmap Chalk Sinnbus 2014
3:12 X-Ray Diffraction Clocked Out GRISWOLD E Chamber Music (Clocked Out) GRISWOLD E Chamber Music (Clocked Out) 2015

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