In Memory Of John Peel Show Jan 16th – Podcast & Playlist

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Picture 84

This show bolts out of the blocks then veers off track like a switchback anaconda. Pop Music too.

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:25 Townie Mitski Bury Me At Makeout Creek Double Double Whammy 2014
1:20 Lipstick Mark Wynn No fun (not that one) @Bandcamp 2014
5:04 Layers (single version) Elifantree Movers and Shakers PRE-ORDER #Finland -Eclipse 2015
2:32 Midget Jaga Jazzist ’94-’14 // A Livingroom Hush Ninja Tune 2015
3:36 Bananfluer Overalt (Clark Remix) Jaga Jazzist ’94-’14 // Reworks Ninja Tune 2015
4:59 A Real Trend Deer Deer ep #Mexico #HongKong -Metal Postcard Records 2015
2:55 I La Tentation (The Temptation) Wood, Ethan/Eguchi, Leo/Rojahn, Karolina CERVETTI S Unbridled (Chamber Works) Navona 2015
2:56 Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash (Radio Edit) Clarence Clarity – single – Bella Union 2015
3:52 Rat Trap Bunny Lion Red Fantasy Memory 2015
3:53 Dude Old Who’s Who #Sweden -Adrian Recordings 2015
4:38 Dudettes Zoe Zac Flow Chart #Tasmania -Metal Postcard 2014
5:47 The Transenna. The Photograph of John Cage. The Two Weeks Afterwards Anthony Donovan Classwar Karaoke – 0021 Survey 2013
6:51 Sea Escape Meilleurzack Noise from Portugal vol. 1 2014
4:21 Candy (Know Wat Can Be) (Clean) deM atlaS DWNR (Clean) Rhymesayers 2015
3:01 Don’t Riot (Sdrop remix) Sole & DJ Pain 1 Death Drive: First As Tragedy Then As Remix 2015
6:25 There Isn’t a Day That Goes By Chvad SB Crickets Were The Compass Silber Media 2014
6:15 Act II: VI. … and there was morning, the Second Day David T. Little, Andrew McKenna Lee; Third Coast Percussion Haunt of Last Nightfall 2014
4:06 String Quartet No 1 IV – (Ed Laliq Remix) Elysian Quartet/Laliq, Ed NONCLASSICAL PRESENTS – The Art of Remix NONCLASSICAL PRESENTS – The Art of Remix 2015
4:59 Poolside Robin Bacior Water Dreams Good Mountain Records 2014
4:30 Simple Device Useless Eaters Bleeding Moon Castle Face 2014
3:09 Swim Die! Die! Die! Winter 2014/15 Sampler Small Town America 2014
3:47 The Lyrics Are Simultaneously About How The Song S People 3xaWoman Telegraph Harp 2014
5:49 ?????????? ????????? DICK 2: ??????? 2014
4:22 Blip Blip Ergo Phizmiz Some Folk Can FMA/Cc 2014
1:55 Moddion H. Hawkline In The Pink Of Condition Heavenly Recordings 2014
2:20 Stars SeaWitches Stars The Label Recordings 2014
1:42 Armas de control Annapura ANNAPURA #Mexico – Bandcamp 2014

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