In Memory Of John Peel Show Jan 9th – Podcast & Playlist

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2.-Valparaiso-Chile-17-Beautifully-Painted-Stairs-From-All-Over-The-World.-7-Is-InsaneThe opening show of ’15 has 5 ‘Best of year’ cuts already! Can you find them?

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
1:38 Another Pair Gretchen Phillips Meat Joy 1984
3:48 When All You Got Is A Hammer Gretchen Peters Blackbirds Circus Girl Music/Carnival Music 0
3:42 A Hammer Kate Tempest Everybody Down Big Dada 2014
5:09 God Is Dead (Single Version) dj foundation In Memory Of Charlie Hebdo Journalists Metal Postcard 2015
3:03 Canal Ratking So It Goes XL Recordings 0
5:03 Tangled Pipes (Samoyed Bloom Remix) Consortium5 The Art of Remix NONCLASSICAL 0
3:10 The Monks of Tibhirine Simon Mathewson Spool 2014
3:43 Between the Hammer and the Anvil David T. Little, Toby Driver; Third Coast Percussion Haunt of Last Nightfall 2014
7:49 Mirror RONiiA RONiiA TGNP 2014
2:37 Total Control Old Light Ice Pharaoh Bandcamp 0
4:30 My Sad Captains Elbow World Cafe Live (EP) Fiction/Concord 2014
3:47 Fuck Google sole Pattern Of Life Bandcamp 2014
3:07 Epistemology Suite 3: You’re Enron Diplo F10RIDA (Bonus Disc) Big Dada 2014
3:11 Sticky Slithers H. Hawkline In The Pink Of Condition Heavenly Recordings 2014
5:36 Ton Of Bricks Tom Vek Luck Moshi Moshi 2014
4:07 L.A. Brix and The Extricated Live At The Ruby Lounge Manchester – none – 0
6:03 Gnosis Echolocation Single Bandcamp 2014
5:49 I Am Mark E Smith The Fat White Family Single Self Release 0
2:34 Jaime Painted Zeros S V A L B A R D Black Bell Records 2014
8:43 Perversion Waves Bryan Lewis Saunders and Sinus Buds Stand-Up Tragedy Records 2014
5:14 Laughing John Hedvig Mollestad Trio Enfant Terrible Rune Grammofon 2014
5:52 Mercè Sílvia Pérez Cruz granada Universal Music Group 2014
3:18 I Don’t Smoke Mitski Bury Me At Makeout Creek Double Double Whammy 2014
4:39 An Unkindness of Ravens Áine O’Dwyer Áine O’Dwyer – Music For Church Cleaners Vol. I and II MIE Music 0
4:16 Too Drunk Painted Zeros S V A L B A R D Black Bell Records 2014

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