In Memory Of John Peel Show May 16th – Podcast & Playlist

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Lightning, Storms and a Tempest (as in Kate Tempest!) packed into this explosive show with new music that will challenge your foundations and shake your bones. No talkovers – Just like John Peel did it.

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In Memory of John Peel Show… even on Xbox

Time Song Artist Album Label Year
7:34 Higher Consciousness Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 A Long Way To The Beginning Knitting Factory Records 2014
2:24 Awaken Scape Weerthof Out Of Control esc.rec. 2013
4:52 The Russian Messenger Rodrigo Y Gabriela 9 Dead Alive ATO 2014
3:18 Function Curve Dalhous Will To Be Well Blackest Ever Black 2014
3:21 The Truth Kate Tempest Everybody Down Big Dada 2014
4:03 Little Thoughts Best Intentions Best Intentions EP Bandcamp 2014
4:04 Burritoooo M.C.L.C & Dr.$NAKE Burritoooo EP Bandcamp 2013
3:42 I Ain’t Gave Up On You Yet Propaganda Crimson Cord Humble Beast Records 2014
4:17 H.S.K.T. Sylvan Esso Sylvan Esso Partisan 2014
4:31 meadow mines (fort polio) Dylan Shearer Garragearray Castle Face/Empty Cellar 2014
13:03 Part I Xenia Pestova Cage: Works For 2 Keyboards, Vol. 1 Naxos 2013
2:58 Tired & Buttered Quilt Held In Splendor Mexican Summer 2014
5:12 When the Lightning Strikes Chrome Hoof Chrome Black Gold Cuneiform Records 2014
3:02 Mad Men Herzog Boys Exit Stencil Recordings 2014
2:29 Miners´ Song | SKYWALKER | Babylon Bandcamp 2012
6:29 Fire Borut Krzisnik Stories From Magatrea Claudio Contemporary 2014
3:35 Vortex Risk Gunenfolta Goons Bandcamp 2014
3:32 Deuce Mane Yung Gleesh Cleansides Finest III 2014
5:39 Marshall Law Kate Tempest Everybody Down Big Dada 2014
2:46 Nola Gambles I Can’t Keep Still When It Comes To You GMBLS 2014
2:57 Green Eyes Amen Dunes Love Sacred Bones 2014
2:33 Litany Of The Family Rachel Taylor Brown Falimy Penury Pop 2014
3:31 Family Rachel Taylor Brown Falimy Penury Pop 2014
7:12 Yamba Sowe Muyei Power Sierra Leone in 1970s USA Soundway Records 2014
2:40 Toothbrush Tune Weerthof Out Of Control esc.rec. 2013
1:53 Biteman Officer! Dead Unique Blackest Ever Black 2014

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