In Memory Of John Peel Show May 9th – Podcast & Playlist

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Who are the shining lights of UK music these days: Vek? Weller (he’s back), Mathewson? That plus new music from many other places on planet Earth, broadcast from Another Planet No talkovers – Just like John Peel did it.

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year
2:51 The Colourfield The Colourfield Virgins and Philistines Chrysalis 1985
3:44 Colour Fields Elbow The Take Off And Landing Of Everything Fiction/Concord 2014
4:18 No Tears Agf.3 Sue.C Mini Movies Asphodel 2005
3:42 Know Yourself Nothankyou – single – Moshi Moshi 2014
4:40 Harpy Gunenfolta Goons Bandcamp 2014
4:03 Eganix Mark E Product of Industry Spectral Sound 2014
2:16 Enigrammatic Dream Mark E Smith The Post Nearly Man Artful Records 1998
5:03 Dissolute Singer Mark E Smith The Post Nearly Man Artful Records 1998
3:15 Modern Art True Neutral Crew #POPPUNK Deathbomb Arc 2014
3:16 Blackballed Jonas Disc Jockey #Netherlands: CC/FMA 2013
3:00 Brand New Toy Paul Weller More Modern Classics Harvest Records 2014
2:44 Bottle of Beer Simon Mathewson Portasound pop Songs FMA/Creative Commons 2014
4:06 The_Tongue_Avoids_the_Teeth Tom Vek Luck Moshi Moshi 2014
3:46 Mainline Teleman Breakfast Mstrd Moshi Moshi 2014
8:47 Spectre Vex Illum Sphere Spectre Vex Ninja Tune 2014
5:15 Get Up and Dance Sonny Knight & The Lakers I’m Still Here Secret Stash 2014
3:19 Hey Mami Sylvan Esso Sylvan Esso Partisan 2014
4:28 Muggy KLANGLIEBE Lost In You #Germany : Emerald & Doreen Records 2014
3:18 A Lonely Stylus In The Canyon Of Grooves Teleferick Disc Jockey #Netherlands: esc.rec. 2013
5:32 Early Morning Fog Bank Seven Saturdays The Snowflakes That Hit Us Became Our Stars CDBY 2010
4:14 A Midsummer Evening Yann Tiersen A Midsummer Evening Mute 2014
5:03 The Haunted Furnace Glenn Kotche Adventureland Cantaloupe 2014
2:32 Me Hurting You Rachel Taylor Brown Falimy Penury Pop 2014
5:43 You Won’t Remind It Gambles I Can’t Keep Still When It Comes To You GMBLS 2014
3:54 Heroine Karen Nielsen House of the Sacred Self Release 2014
5:20 Gold Rush Mirah Changing Light Absolute Magnitude Recordings/K Records 2014
1:12 Climate The Trouble With Templeton Rookie Bella Union 2014
2:24 Being Me Simon Mathewson Portasound pop Songs FMA/Creative Commons 2014

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