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3500-1Great Britain Special Position, Dream State, Cut Off Your Arm, Hellman Homeland Abandon – just a few of the tracks that fell into place for this week’s rip-roaring In Memory of John Peel Show alive on FM & online  thanks to patreon backers

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:27 Almost Dying Kevin Coyne Sugar Candy Taxi 0
2:41 Nurse Me Deerhoof The Magic Polyvinyl Records 2016
3:34 (Trust Logs) Ted Hearne The Source HEARNE T Source (The) (Hearne Chudzik Coloff) 2016
8:43 GreatBritainSpecialPosition Hannah Silva – advance submission – 0
5:59 Four Went Down George Hurd- The Hurd Ensemble Navigation Without Numbers Innova 0
4:10 Below a Fire Mimes of Wine La Maison Verte Accidental Muzik 2016
3:30 Dream State Lucy Dacus No Burden EggHunt Records 2016
3:24 Deskercise Echolocation Empire Blood & Bones 2016
4:48 Rowche Rumble The Fall Totale’s Turns (It’s Now Or Never) Dojo 1980
6:47 Instead Heather Roche Ptelea HUDDERSFIELD CONTEMPORARY REC 0
6:02 Nothing Left (ft. Dave Migman) Say Mumble J Stew’s Album 2016
1:09 The Life Inside You Anda Volley Paper Moon Silber Media 2016
1:34 Cut Off Your Arm Ditzy Squall Skirt Metal Postcard 0
11:05 Five Miles from Anywhere No Hurry Inn Ditzy Squall’s Lunchbox (DSLB) BlokeBird Metal Postcard 2016
4:21 Hangover Notes Monster Island House Of Lancaster Self Release 2014
1:54 Your Nan is Not an Invalid Mark Wynn ‘Singles – But They’re Not Really Singles, I Just Sent Them to the Screen and Said They Were Singles’ Singles by Mark Wynn 2016
4:17 Back Compression Room of Wires Used As a Runner 2016
8:11 Altered Okyo Gaiamamoo Benkei no Maki 0
3:52 Four Chords (Ben Corrigan ‘Several Noises’ Remix) Elliot Galvin Trio Dreamland 0
3:21 Oh The Shark Ted Hearne The Source HEARNE T Source (The) (Hearne Chudzik Coloff) 2016
6:19 HellMan Homeland Abandon WhoAreYouPeople? WhoAreYouPeople? Coconut’s Groove 2016
3:47 Once Anenon Petrol Friends of Friends 2015
2:21 Sleeping Bag Simon Mathewson Some Covers 2016
4:02 Joe Jackson It’s Different For Girls Paris Olympia 18022016 Fast Forward Tour 2016 0
2:31 (CRIMINAL EVENT) Ted Hearne The Source HEARNE T Source (The) (Hearne Chudzik Coloff) 2016

The show returns with the usual uncompromising range of styles.20_ Simon Paris‎

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
1:36 Intro John Grant Grey Tickles, Black Pressure Partisan 2015
3:32 The Concept HeCTA The Diet Merge 2015
8:08 otto Vibracathedral Orchestra Rec Blast Motorbike VHF 2015
5:34 Cross Waters Ron Morelli A Gathering Together Hospital Records 2015
4:09 A Way To Say Goodbye Pixx Fall In 4AD 2015
4:26 Charmer Indian Jewelry Doing Easy Deathbomb 2015
1:05 overpass (skit) clipping. midcity Deathbomb 2013
1:26 First Last Reunion Gramma’s Boyfriend Gramma’s Boyfriend ‘PERM’ 2015
5:10 Get Real Get Right Sufjan Stevens The Age of Adz Asthmatic Kitty Records 2010
2:29 Hurry, Hurry, Hurry Birthmark How You Look When You’re Falling Down Polyvinyl Records 2015
4:15 To Let Ashley Reaks and Joe Hakim Cultural Thrift 2015
3:46 State Of Ainu/ Dance AGF A Deep Mysterious Tone 2015
4:16 Reflextion Attic Ted Hemogoblin 2015
4:49 ‘Round I Sing / Mile On Up Hillfolk Noir Pop Songs for Elk 2015
10:44 Mule skinners Channelise Dave Taylor Octet Atomic Bomb Blues (The) DAVE TAYLOR OCTET Atomic Bomb Blues (The) 2015
2:35 You Sing For Yourself USA Nails No Pleasure Smalltown America 2015
4:30 No Loss For Words OF WOLVES EVOLVE 2013
2:57 Sororal Feelings U.S. Girls Half Free 4AD 2015
3:35 Pears For Lunch Girl Band Holding Hands With Jamie Rough Trade 2015
3:36 Cowards Starve Protomartyr The Agent Intellect Hardly Art 2015
4:20 Nightwalker Deerstalker Patrick Higgins Social Death Mixtape @NNATapes 2015
2:57 Rot Gut The Chewers Dead Dads 2015
4:28 Bivouacking Simon Mathewson Your oldest friends are the ones it takes you longest to realise you don’t like. 2015
2:18 Another World Prelude Kev Choice Love And Revolution Mind Over Matter 2015
3:03 Bite Through Stone Ceschi and Factor Broken Bone Ballads Fake Four 2015
3:21 A B’ashiye (It’s Alright) Vieux Farka Touré & Julia Easterlin Touristes Six Degrees 2015
3:12 Autumn Almanac The Kinks 0
2:23 Poor Substitute Ricked Wicky Swimmer To A Liquid Armchair 2015
1:54 The Day Is Respite From What’s Only Night Tongues In Trees Parallel Sinj 2015