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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:47 Wanderlust White Hills Walks For Motorists Thrill Jockey 2015
5:19 Amorphous Absolute Ami Dang Hukam Ehse Records 2015
1:51 Vota Dier Agnès Pe (Spain) EurNoVision 2015 2015
4:34 Wearside Jack Ashley Reaks Before Koresh Metal Postcard 2015
3:30 King Cockroach The Chewers Dead Dads 2015
4:38 Motoric Mark Helias, Tony Malaby, Tom Rainey The Signal Maker Intakt 2015
2:14 Linear (Original Version) Lezet Yuca Sounds 3 – Condenados a la Oscuridad 2015
2:21 We Remain Uneaten Rabbitry and Anthony Donovan Classwar Karaoke – 0030 Survey 2015
2:50 Rise Of The East British Electric Foundation Music For Stowaways wet dreams 1981
2:50 No No No Beirut – single – 4AD 2015
2:23 Sex Legs Mark Wynn Skivvy: A Much More Noble Occupation 2015
4:15 The Bohemian Spot Gyasi Ross Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here) *Clean* Cabin Games 2015
4:34 Suzanna Mbongwana Star From Kinshasa to the Moon World Circuit 2015
3:28 Invitame Axel Krygier Hombre de Piedra Crammed Discs/LOS AÑOS LUZ 2015
4:46 VII Machine Victoire/Kotche, Glenn MAZZOLI M Vespers for a New Dark Age New Amsterdam Records 2015
2:25 Jennys Whim Role the Rumple Sawny (Gaelic 16th-17th Century) Armstrong, Siobhan/Witches, Les EVERYBODYS TUNE – Music from the British Isles and Flanders 17th Century (Les Witches) White Box 2015
3:16 These Are Not Tears Dave Migman and Audiothrillseeker 2014
8:05 Magic Hat Black Dirt Oak Presage MIE Music 2015
4:49 ComEd Courtesy Slow Bruise Moon Glyph 2015
3:19 Exit Fears Ceremony The L-Shaped Man 2015
5:32 V.I.M. Officer! Dead Unique Blackest Ever Black 2014
4:25 Hunter Farao – single – #Norway-Arts & Crafts 2015
4:11 Over The HIlls And Far Away Johanna Kunin & Yikes Mountain Jealous Butcher Records Presents: Form The Land Of Ice And Snow: The Songs Of Led Zeppelin Disc 2 (Promotial Use Only) 2010
2:41 By Nature Mary Ocher (Russia) EurNoVision 2015 2015
2:38 A 480 Kara-Lis Coverdale A 480 2014
4:36 Choralien Felipe Barbosa and Rosendo J. Rocha Classwar Karaoke – 0030 Survey 2015
3:21 Easy Prayer U We Decide Who Comes In Technicolour 0
5:52 Fighters Seven Davis Jr Universes (2LP Edition) Ninja Tune 0
4:44 Sunrise Soldier Dfalt Dfalt Plug Research Music 2015
0:52 Interlude Gyasi Ross Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here) *Clean* Cabin Games 2015