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Posted: January 25, 2018 in Uncategorized
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The death of The Fall’s front man hit me in ways I haven’t felt for any other loss of someone. His way of perceiving the world and expression thereof mirrored mine. It feels like a part of my existence is now absent. I did this show to get me through the first hours.

In Memory of John Peel Show
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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:48 Look, Know The Fall @fallnews ? Hip Priest And Kamerads Situation Two 1985
5:51 What About Us? The Fall @fallnews ? Fall Heads Roll Slogan Records 2005
4:20 How I Wrote Elastic Man The Fall @fallnews ? – single – Rough Trade @RoughTrade ? 1980
5:51 What You Need The Fall @fallnews ? The Peel Sessions Strange Friut 1987
2:46 F-‘oldin´ Money The Fall @fallnews ? Marshall Suite Artful Records 1999
5:34 Chicago Now The Fall @fallnews ? John Peel Session Strange Fruit 1990
4:13 Service The Fall @fallnews ? The Infotainment Scan [Disc 1] Permanent Records 1993
5:07 Smile The Fall @fallnews ? Perverted By Language Rough Trade @RoughTrade ? 1983
5:16 My New House The Fall @fallnews ? This Nation’s Saving Grace Beggars Banquet @beggarsgroup 1985
4:11 Telephone Thing The Fall @fallnews ? Extricate – Peel FF (f. JP #35) Cog Sinister 1990
3:44 Theme from Sparta F.C. The Fall @fallnews ? Country On The Click Action Records 2003
6:03 Nate Will Not Return The Fall @fallnews ? Ersatz GB Cherry Red @CherryRedGroup 2011
5:19 Fantastic Life The Fall @fallnews ? Hip Priest And Kamerads Situation Two 1985
5:20 It’s A Curse The Fall @fallnews ? The Infotainment Scan [Disc 1] Castle Music 1993
4:07 Free Range The Fall @fallnews ? Code Selfish Cog Sinister 1992
4:38 An Older Lover Etc. The Fall @fallnews ? Slates/A Part Of America Therein Dojo 1981
5:31 Crop-Dust The Fall @fallnews ? Are You Are Missing Winner Cog Sinister 2001
3:27 Totally Wired The Fall @fallnews ? – single – Rough Trade @RoughTrade ? 1993
6:32 Fol De Rol The Fall @fallnews ? New Facts Emerge Cherry Red @CherryRedGroup 2017
15:19 And This Day The Fall @fallnews ? Hip Priest And Kamerads Situation Two 1985
0:45 Intro The Fall @fallnews ? Totale’s Turns (It’s Now Or Never) Dojo 1980

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