In Memory Of John Peel Show: 16-004 – Podcast & Playlist

Posted: June 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
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nude back pianoIn Memory of John Peel Show LIVE on secret stream  thanks to patreon backers

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:01 Temple Kitten Forever 7 Hearts Atlas Chair Records 2016
2:54 Debut Deerhoof The Magic Polyvinyl Records 2016
3:46 20 Years Tall Sego Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around Bandcamp 2016
6:02 B and E (with aggravated assault) Newspeak Sweet Light Crude New Amsterdam 2010
5:48 Flood Storm Bugs Flood Bandcamp 2016
0:20 New Audio Voice for Self Service Checkouts 2016
4:04 Kantor Jon Balke WARP ECM 2016
3:45 DandelionShed Steve Moyes Gardening Linear Obsessional 2012
4:20 Honeybunch Gravy Murphy The World Is Your Moisture Metal Postcard 2016
7:06 Kiedy przyjdziesz Vertigo Taj Animal Music 2014
5:17 I Saw The Light Europa & The Great Red Spot Ersatz Music Bandcamp 2016
3:33 Badulake Za! Loloismo The Audacious Art Experiment 2016
5:16 Two Space Captain In Memory EP Tru Thoughts 2015
1:55 Plan A, Plan B Tacocat Lost Time Hardly Art 2016
11:53 Among Red Mountains Lisa Moore The Stone People Cantaloupe 2016
3:53 Akhar Zaman (This Moment) Bombino Azel Partisan 2016
5:11 The Confuser (Dub Mix) Elite Beat Casual Rhythms Vol. 2 2016
7:45 Vincent Car Seat Headrest Teens Of Denial Rough Trade 2016
5:13 Same Name Field Music Commontime Memphis Industries 2016
3:49 Hermit Cloud Becomes Your Hand Rest In Fleas Northern Spy Records 2016
7:38 You and I Hospital Ships ‘The Past is not a Flood’ Graveface @graveface_recs 2015
4:20 Nema, Nema, Nema Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee Constellation Records 2015
4:04 Night Is A Trap II Puce Mary The Spiral Posh Isolation 2016
3:49 First Im Sorry Haley Heynderickx Fish Eyes EP 2016

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