In Memory Of John Peel Show: Nov 27th – Podcast & Playlist

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tumblr_nxh5vhnrxr1sa2xlto1_1280Off pandora, off classic this and that… there are bands and musicians you really should know better.

In Memory of John Peel Show LIVE on Fridays noon-2pm Pacific time on freeform portland FM on itunes & even on Xbox

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:20 In Between Beat Happening Look Around Domino 2015
3:58 Old Guy wimps Suitcase Kill Rock Stars 2015
4:05 Sunburned Shirts Car Seat Headrest Teens Of Style Matador Records 2015
2:53 pilot whales monster island. cathedral steps 2011
6:34 Meet Me Seaven Teares Power Ballads Northern Spy Records 2013
4:17 10 voyaguers Mild Maynyrd Fawn 2015
2:23 Cézanne CTM – Promo – Tambourhinoceros 2016
5:00 DifferentandtheSame5m Jeanette Luchese jeanette’s Album 2012
2:22 Language Barrier Segue shirlette ammons Language Barrier Churchkey Records / SugarQube Records 2016
5:11 Madagascar Whale Lower, Faster recorded by Olivier Adam New Songs of the Humpback Whale Important 2007
4:13 Another Queue At The Coinstar Warm Brains Big Wow (Milk Milk Lemonade Records) Milk Milk Lemonade Records 0
2:27 Holiday USA Nails No Pleasure Smalltown America 2015
1:27 SDFK Oneohtrix Point Never Garden of Delete Warp Records 2015
5:43 Flame V I O L E N T M A E KID 2015
9:31 A Shadowland of Megaphone Prayers Part 2 The Scrapes The Songs of Baron Samedi 2015
3:43 Lullaby For Hamza The Unthanks The Songs of Robert Wyatt and Antony & the Johnsons, Live from the Union Chapel (Diversions Vol. 1) 2011
4:40 Suedeicidal Grape God & Gulls Meddahtations of The Season 4 Boomarm Nation 2015
4:04 IV Shout Chorus Dave Taylor Octet Atomic Bomb Blues (The) Composer’s Concordance Records 2015
3:38 Sun in Her Hand Keith Seatman A Rest Before the Walk Ghostbox 2015
2:29 Those Were (Could’ve Been) The Days The Deslondes The Deslondes 2015
4:03 Firefly C. Gibbs C. Gibbs Sings Motherwell Johnston Eastern Spurs 2015
6:49 Grown Woman Seaven Teares Power Ballads Northern Spy Records 2013
7:42 Beyond the Pail Colin Potter Rank Sonata Hallow Ground 2015
2:02 Stress Hierophants Parallax Error Goner Records 2015
9:25 Godsend Beat Happening Look Around Domino 2015
1:04 In The Sleep Gallery Luka Fisher Sleep Galley Silber Media 2015

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