200px-Duchamp_-_Nude_Descending_a_Staircase Returning show favourites and new finds! All very melodic…

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:41 Sucker The Big Moon The Road/NWY!!! @handsomedads 2015
2:48 Never Jenny Lee right on! Rough Trade 2015
4:34 Dream Naytronix Mister Divine City Slang 2015
8:54 Our world Spins Seaven Teares POWER Ballads Northern Spy Records 2015
5:09 Beautiful Shoes song Steven Ball Collected Local Songs 2015
3:46 Another Time Kirt Debique Things Left Unsaid Brick Lane Records 2015
3:34 Noum Higakure Mehata Sentimental Legend Earliest works vol 1 #Japan- Mind Plug Records 2012
2:01 Basic Things Darkstar Foam Island Warp Records 2015
8:32 Hyperpiano 4a-4d Christos Sakellaridis Classwar Karaoke – 0030 Survey 2015
6:22 III – Uchida, Robert/Symphony Nova Scotia/Gueller, Bernhard BRADY T Requiem 215 Symphony No 4 Viola Concerto (The How and the Why of Memory) (Guelle~1 BRADY T Requiem 215 Symphony No 4 Viola Concerto (The How and the Why of Memory) (Guelle~1 2015
1:31 Cuts Darkstar Foam Island Warp Records 2015
4:00 Bullingdon Club Lux Lisbon Get Some Scars EP (Special Edition) 2014
0:57 Cry, Wolf Clean Gregory Pepper and His Problems CHORUS! CHORUS! CHORUS! Clean Fake Four 2015
14:24 Anthracite Fields: II. Breaker Boys Ashley Bathgate, Julian Wachner, Choir of Trinity Wall Street, Bang on a Can All-Stars Julia Wolfe: Anthracite Fields Cantaloupe 2015
3:23 TK16 pt.1 Tara King th. & Halasan Bazar Unreleased from “8” E.P. Melotron Recordings 2015
3:53 Bewildered Warm Brains Big Wow (Milk Milk Lemonade Records) Milk Milk Lemonade Records 2015
3:33 Paradise Girls Deerhoof Fever 121614 Polyvinyl Records 2015
3:17 Fat Monarch Volcano The Bear Commencing #Leicester Miasmah 2015
4:50 lost runaway Siamgda Oppression Mind Plug Records 2015
5:32 Hoppy Daze Is Here Again Higgins, Patience/Wilson, Steve/Dave Taylor Octet Atomic Bomb Blues (The) DAVE TAYLOR OCTET Atomic Bomb Blues (The) 2015
3:13 Nausea Diät Positive Energy Iron Lung / Adagio 2015
3:18 Controversial Confrontational Globelamp The Orange Glow Deathbomb 2015
3:46 Me Up! Roots Manuva Bleeds [Clean] Big Dada 2015
3:46 Leaving the City Joanna Newsom Divers Drag City 2015
3:38 Lama (Robin Guthrie Remix) Ummagma Frequency 2015
2:32 Tilly’s Theme Darkstar Foam Island Warp Records 2015

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