In Memory Of John Peel Show Aug 14th – Podcast & Playlist

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From drums rolls throughs a numbers game to a techno track cut short…

In Memory of John Peel Show LIVE on Fridays noon-2pm Pacific time on freeform portland FM on itunes & even on Xbox

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
5:02 Pure Pleasure Miller, Scott/Zeitgeist MILLER S Tipping Point Forth and Back Pure Pleasure Twilight Funhouse Consortia (S Mille~1 New Focus 2015
2:07 Chowtime bbigpigg Din Din Money Fire Records 2015
5:00 Glue Buzz My Cruel Goro My Cruel Goro EP #Italy #Iceland 2015
5:25 Clean Dreams Woolen Men Temporary Monument Woodsist Records 2015
3:27 Devil’s Gutzy The Mumzees GUTZ 2014
1:40 You’re Making It Difficult Yea Big The Wind That Blows No More Metal Postcard 2015
4:30 The Blessing Stephan Micus Nomad Songs ECM 2015
3:36 II Quarrel Ft. Jessica Taylor Dave Taylor Octet DAVE TAYLOR OCTET Atomic Bomb Blues (The) DAVE TAYLOR OCTET Atomic Bomb Blues (The) 2015
3:02 Sweeter Than The Flowers Foghorn Stringband Outshine The Sun 2011
6:04 Grow Deradoorian The Expanding Flower Planet Anticon Records 2015
4:18 Air As Thick As Water The Scrapes The Songs of Baron Samedi #Brisbane Soft Abuse 2015
4:10 My Song 9 Nova Heart Nova Heart LP FakeLoveMusic 2015
6:14 One To Five Dan McKinney Untitled 1984
3:45 Maroccu_biancu A Filetta Castelli World Village 2015
9:23 Headpiece Florian Kupfer Explora Technicolour 2015
6:52 Paul Girl Band Paul #Ireland-Rough Trade 2015
4:29 El gamal wel gammal (The Camel and its Keeper) Hossam Ramzy Secrets of the Eye #Egypt Arc Music 2015
2:17 intro clipping. midcity Deathbomb 2013
4:16 Trappers Daveed Diggs Small Things To A Giant Deathbomb 2012
4:00 Alfred will hate it Jaan Patterson Classwar Karaoke – 0029 Survey 2015
3:39 Rivers + Streams Land Lines The Natural World Misra 2015
4:58 Push Thru The Veil Herbcraft Wotoz Woodsist Records 2015
6:01 Last Night’s Realism Clarence Mayhew Rock Back for Nepal Vol 3 #USA 2015
2:43 OO242 Johnny Larssen Qu’est-ce Qu’il Y A? 1983
0:25 Traveled forward in time, prematurely died. Lure of the Unknown Day of Endings Silber Media 2015
7:56 Oktavist (Mark Fell Remix) Lakker TUNDRA – REMIXED 2015

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