Why? – because any show with Mark Wynn & Herve Perez has to be heard.
see 39th July on the web.

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:17 Blind Man Man Revelation 1969
3:55 Cosmic Dancer Ferro, Andrea CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION – A Tribute to T Rex CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION – A Tribute to T Rex 0
2:54 Searching The Ocean Floor Nick Jaina Friends And Friends Of Friends 6 Tender Loving Empire 2013
2:56 NEVER WANTED THIS Wild Smiles Always Tomorrow Sunday Best Recordings 0
3:13 Moccasins, Snow And Rainbows Lights That Change Rainbow On Your Shoulder #Wales, UK 2013
1:41 Last Night I Made A Tape Mark Wynn Skivvy: A Much More Noble Occupation 2015
3:34 Owls Talons Clutching My Heart PAWS Youth Culture Forever Fatcat Records 2014
4:34 Model Worlds Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders Playmates Fat Possum 2015
3:54 Moonshine Jay-Jay Johanson Opium #Sweden Le Plan Recordings 2015
4:49 The Ascendant – The Ascendant: No. 2. The Fence Is Gone Jason Treuting; Roomful Of Teeth Render New Amsterdam Records 2015
1:53 Shift Dave Migman The March Pt 1: The Waves Began The Night 2014
1:36 In a Cage Felipe Barbosa Classwar Karaoke – 0018 Survey 2012
6:38 La Guardia Alessandro Cortini Risveglio Hospital Productions 2015
5:58 Unfurla Cremation Clark Flame Rave Warp 2015
9:23 Frankie Teardrop Lydia Lunch Retrovirus LIVE OCCii Amsterdam (Urge To Kill ) Rustblade 0
3:21 Tarantula Deadly Cargo Sleaford Mods Key Markets 0
5:13 Cracks Keep Growing Yea Big The Wind That Blows No More Metal Postcard 2015
4:24 B.Britva Kosta T BEART) #Russia 2015
4:45 Face to Face Luz Elena Mendoza PDX Pop Now! 2015 Compilation 2015
1:26 Ch’hom Nimol Dengue Fever Live at Doug Fir 0
4:30 Tokay Dengue Fever The Deepest Lake Tuk Tuk Records 2015
9:46 Shadowplay Herve Perez Classwar Karaoke – 0029 Survey 2015
5:52 Unequal Fronts The Scrapes The Songs of Baron Samedi #Brisbane Soft Abuse 2015
2:07 4 Mazurkas No 3 Marieta Sainz de la Maza, Regino Masters of the Guitar Vol 1 IDIS 0
4:16 Resonate Life Like Thunderstorms Awkward Balance Altered State Reflections 2015
4:26 Carbondactyl The Mumzees GUTZ 2014
1:06 Bank Transfer Mark Wynn Skivvy: A Much More Noble Occupation 2015
  1. […] Songs from “Awkward Balance” appear on two “In Memory Of John Peel” (Free Form Portland):In Memory Of John Peel Show (Free Form Portland) August 1st, 2015 […]

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