In Memory Of John Peel Show Jul 10th – Podcast & Playlist

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Hillarity & pop mixed with the challenging cacophonies of jazz/classical crossover…c7cf7e48-5b3d-4392-b40e-92a1dcded96f-2060x1509(RSS)Pod-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic –  playlist below   

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:11 Telephone Thing The Fall Extricate – Peel FF (f. JP #35) 1990
4:07 Karma Bonfire Ashley Reaks Power Failure Metal Postcard 2015
3:13 Eternal Scene Youth Worship LP 1 Self Harm Records 2015
6:55 Peoria Lunch Box Blues The Weaks with Frances Quinlan (of Hop Along) Unsung: Songs: Ohia Covers Compilation 2015
3:54 Chicago Is… Hobbyist Hobbyist 2013
3:14 Greenhouses Mira Calix Remix Tansy Davies Troubairitz Non Classical 2011
4:52 A 478 Kara-Lis Coverdale A 480 Constellation Tatsu 2014
5:04 Hohle Fels Lee Weisert Wild Arc New Focus Recordings 2015
4:40 Corroded Brass Marrach Chambers of Resistance Enough Records 2014
2:44 Bruises/Candyman Pariah Flare Acoustic Arts League Big Top/Encore Affairs Of The Heart 2011
2:26 WHERE’S YOUR CAR DEBBIE Slaves Hey EP 2015
3:59 COFFEE SONG Si the Philanthropist 2015
3:25 Jackie Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel 2000
2:45 Booth At The Mall ScotDrakula ScotDrakula Bandcamp 2014
10:41 Tipping Point Miller, Scott/Zeitgeist MILLER S Tipping Point Forth and Back Pure Pleasure Twilight Funhouse Consortia (S Mille~1 MILLER S Tipping Point Forth and Back Pure Pleasure Twilight Funhouse Consortia (S Mille~1 2015
4:09 Quit iPhone The Fall Sub-Lingual Tablet Cherry Red Records 2015
2:51 Miss Holy Holy Ashley Reaks Power Failure Metal Postcard 2015
2:05 Come Into My Wig Shop Ricked Wicky King Heavy Metal GBV Inc. 2015
2:32 Big Toe The Growlers Chinese Fountain Fatcat Records 2014
1:51 Mr. Moneybag$ Emily’s Sassy Lime CRAZED MP3 FANS Vol. 1 Kill Rock Stars 2014
2:02 Hey! I Wanna Be Yr Best Friend Joanna Gruesome Peanut Butter Slumberland 2015
3:34 Dream Tonight RECYCLING [BP027] BALKAN UNDER THE RADAR vol.3: BLACK GENERATION Black Planet Records 2015
1:47 Take it as it Comes wimps Super Me Kill Rock Stars 2015
0:55 As A Wife Has A Cow Karin Krog Don’t Just Sing: A Karin Krog Anthology 1963-1999 Light In The Attic 2015
9:10 Gefahrten an der Kreuzung Weber, Katharina/Frith, Fred/Studer, Fredy WEBER Katharina FRITH Fred STUDER Fredy It Rolls WEBER Katharina FRITH Fred STUDER Fredy It Rolls 2015
4:07 Single Girl, Married Girl The Haden Triplets The Haden Triplets Perro Verde Records/Third Man Records 2015
2:16 The Doctor’s Wife Remora Swash Silber Media 2015
1:47 Good / Swimmer Lee Bannon Pattern of Excel Ninja Tune 2015
2:32 09 Koyage Mehata Sentimental Legend Earliest Works vol2 (2013) 0
2:53 Skin Crawl Ashley Reaks Power Failure Metal Postcard 2015
1:00 Untouchable One Chvad SB Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree Silber Media 2014

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