In Memory Of John Peel Show Jun 26th – Podcast & Playlist

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New music from Far (Indonesia, Chile) and Near (Wales & even some acts that Will be at Gladstonbury…)enhanced-buzz-19935-1420758233-165 (RSS)Pod-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic –  playlist below   

In Memory of John Peel Show LIVE on Fridays noon-2pm Pacific time on Radio23 on itunes & even on Xbox

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:30 Rocket Mon Cullah Cullah The Wild 2015
4:11 Venice with the Girls The Fall Sub-Lingual Tablet 2015
6:38 Infinite Loop Napolleon Napolleon EP #Indonesia-Metal Postcard 2015
1:30 Bryan Lewis Saunders – Fake Words Lezet Utterings @EtchedTraumas 2015
4:26 IMGS /R Kara-Lis Coverdale Aftertouches 2015
3:02 Nothing Is Real Tom Diabo Dark Star Body Double 2015
4:58 So. Bay Frank Black and the Catholics The Complete Recordings – Disk 5 Cooking Vinyl 2014
6:52 Asrar el ein (Secret of the Eye) Hossam Ramzy Secrets of the Eye #Egypt Arc Music 0
3:37 20150613 jon?Cates – web – 0
2:02 Casey Jones Ho99o9 – single – Family Artists 2014
4:02 iii – iii And They Disarmed How Hot Is Your Cloud Spring i xylem records 2015
3:43 Egg To Worm To Fly Ashley Reaks Power Failure Metal Postcard 2015
5:32 Kids Dane Terry Color Movies Tonk Records 2015
17:03 Radial Loop Array 1 ATP Recordings 2015
6:36 Story Nina Simone Live at Montreux 1976
5:10 The Fallow Fellow Cullah Cullah The Wild 2015
3:49 Cindy Dubl Handi Morning in a New Machine Hearth Music 2015
4:39 Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki Gwenno Y Dydd Olaf Heavenly Recordings @heavenlyrecs 0
4:44 Greed Stealing Sheep Not Real 0
4:14 No Wonder Camels Spit Ashley Reaks Power Failure Metal Postcard 2015
3:10 Planet Wave Maff Maff #Chile-@creationrecords 2015
3:12 Smelted Iron Piece Marrach Chambers of Resistance 2014
4:47 Dedication Not Medication The Fall Sub-Lingual Tablet 2015
1:18 The Flight of the Bumblebee (Nikolai Andrejewitsch Rimski-Korsakow) Jaan Patterson Masters Remastered (FMA) Surrism Phonoethics 2015

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