Festive Fifty One! 34 to 18

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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    34 to 17 As voted by listeners!

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
0:05 Treble 17 A Moment Of History Kath Bloom 0
0:05 FFO-Treble17-WhatAFinish 0
0:02 Treble 17 Festive51 Festive Fifty One 1982
5:38 Box Elder (Live) Finn Riggins Live In The Soup Caves 2011
6:16 34 Your Love Is Killing Me Sharon Van Etten Are We There Jagjaguwar 2014
5:17 33 Babylon is fallin (feat. Deadly Hunta) Gaudi In between times Six Degrees 2013
5:33 32 In The Name of The Lord JOHN 3:16 Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Alrealon Musique 2012
2:36 30= Face Down White Lung Deep Fantasy Domino 2014
3:50 30= Flow Chart Zoe Zac Flow Chart #Tasmania -Metal Postcard 2014
2:48 29 Uja Tanya Tagaq Animism SIx Shooter Records 2014
4:44 28 Advice to Young Girls [ft. Actress] Copeland Because I’m Worth It. Self Release 2014
3:28 27 The Picture R. Stevie Moore Personal Appeal Care In The Community Recordings 2013
2:35 26 Drunk Walk Home Mitski Bury Me At Makeout Creek Double Double Whammy 2014
3:59 25 Navels (ft. Frietboer and Ho˝sno˝k) Weerthof Disc Jockey #Netherlands-esc.rec. 2013
10:58 24 Shifting Patterns and Challenging Journeys Jared C. Balogh I Am The Ship // I Am The Shaman Self Release 2014
4:45 23 Mileage Chart Half Man Half Biscuit Urge for Offal Probe 2014
6:13 22 Lawman Girl Band Lawman Bandcamp 2014
4:38 21 The Unfortunate Gwatkin Half Man Half Biscuit Urge for Offal Probe 2014
3:16 20 Transgender Dysphoria Blues Against Me! Transgender Dysphoria Blues Treble Music and Xtra Mile Recordings. 2014
3:49 19 The Lord’s Favorite Iceage Plowing Into the Field of Love Matador Records 2014
5:41 18 The Fix Xaf Disc Jockey #Netherlands: esc.rec. 2013
  1. […] Thanks to everybody that voted! My track “Shifting Patterns And Channeling Journeys” finished #24 out of hundreds of tracks for the In Memory Of John Peel “Festive Fifty One” of 2014 (Radio23). Thank you Zaphod MAnn! https://inmemoryofjohnpeel.com/2014/12/30/festive-fifty-one-34-to-18/ […]

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