IMOJP Show – Best Of June 2014 – Podcast & Playlist

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Tracks from June gathering votes, is the Festive Fifty One about to have more worldly influence?? Some tasty Ones for you…

about a third of the way to paying for this…  still having to delete podcasts to make space £300 min, £500 covers extras. Just like John Peel hours a day dedicated to finding the best new music you wouldn’t hear, but not paid BBC wages.

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
5:38 Box Elder (Live) Finn Riggins Live In The Soup Caves 2011
7:02 Muévelo Negro ft. Nidia Góngora Quantic Magnetica #Colombia-Tru Thoughts Records 2014
3:35 Operate At Your Optimum (Ft. Atsuhiro Ito) Diamond Version CI #Japan-Mute 2014
4:23 Was the sacred day Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile #Chile-Constellation 2014
4:05 Dante Chicago Underground Duo Locus #USA 2014
3:55 Jamestown Adam Cadell Til It All Melts Away #Ghana-Wire & Wood 2013
4:38 Finite Infinity Bora Yoon YOON Bora Sunken Cathedral #SouthKorea-Innova 2014
2:40 “33” Mala Rodríguez Briuja #Spain-Machete Music 2013
3:21 23 Minore Mane CWK Joynes and Son Ensemble feat. William Sathya On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt #England-The Great Pop supplement 2012
4:33 Tule Hermano Ceiba – single – #Costa Rica-Bandcamp 2014
7:56 Steve Reich Plaistow Do You Feel Lucky? #Switzerland- Insubordinations 2012
3:11 LOW Young Fathers LOW Single #Nigeria-Anticon/Big Dada 2013
5:24 Sipian Organ Jan St. Werner Blaze Colour Burn #Germany 2013
3:38 Blood Will Run Black Pus Split LP #USA-Thrill Jockey 0
4:28 Candy In A Jar (featuring Kamilsky) Solar Skeletons Necroethyl #Belgium-Rockerill Records 2010
4:19 When Conspiracy Theories Become Mainstream Stealing Orchestra Deliverance #Portugal-You Are Not Stealing Records 2013
3:24 She Gets All That She Wants Ignatz God Damn, I Hate The Blues #Belgium 2012
0:49 33 downtuned snare tingy ride drums down Pants Down Sailor shit-eye CDR #Cameroon 2014
4:41 Salvadora Robot Meridian Brothers Salvadora Robot #Colombia-Soundway 2014
4:43 Nectar On Your Lips Spiritual Front Open Wounds #Italy-Mannequin Records 2014
3:49 Conecting People Diamond Version CI #Germany-Mute 2014
4:25 Altai Krai Olga Bell Krai #Russia-New Amsterdam 2014

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