IMOJP Show – Best Of April 2014 – Podcast & Playlist

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Who sounds like the Ruts then? Your picks so far from April shows…

STILL Stuck at $45 so far to pay for $350 bill so having to delete podcasts to make space

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
5:38 Box Elder (Live) Finn Riggins Live In The Soup Caves 2011
0:05 FFO-Treble17-WhatAFinish 0
2:47 I Deserve To No Malachai Beyond Ugly Domino 2014
11:08 Pujas and Pandals Siamgda at God’s feet #India – Mind Plug Records 2013
3:26 The Beigeness (Stray Remix) Kate Tempest The Beigeness Big Dada 2014
4:03 Sherman (Animals In The Jungle) Tom Vek Luck Moshi Moshi 2014
3:31 Stitches Califone Stitches Dead Oceans 2013
7:10 Cabin Mix Bill Baird Diamond Eyepatch Moon Glyph 2014
2:18 Gwen singing under a railway bridge ~1am goodnight lamplight goodnight lamplight / shereen elizabeth split Bandcamp 2014
1:21 Child Activist Guided By Voices Motivational Jumpsuit GBV Inc. 2013
2:44 If I Was A Cat I’d Be Called Brian, Brian The Cat Mark Wynn Might Try Some Shoes On, Maybe I Won’t Try Some Shoes On Bandcamp 2014
4:40 encore door (the validity in dying) Dylan Shearer Garragearray Castle Face/Empty Cellar 2014
12:33 Black Beacon Martin Rach And The Wasteland Orchestra The Great Grey Beast Editora do Porto 2013
1:16 Garden Wall of Guitar Arto Lindsay The Encyclopedia of Arto Lindsay Northern-Spy Records 2014
4:11 Words Don’t Mean Rachel Eckroth Let Go Virgo Sun Records 2014
5:17 Babylon is fallin (feat. Deadly Hunta) Gaudi In between times Six Degrees 2013
3:09 Bully Dozer (ft. Roman Roc) Loop Minded Individuals A Hitchhiker’s Guide To A Verse Four Finger Distro 2014
4:05 Machines of a Concrete Minority Psychon Troopers The Building Playground Narrominded 2000
4:17 Midnight Passenger Ex-Cult Midnight Passenger Goner Records 2014
2:57 Venice Illusion Ex-Cult Midnight Passenger Goner Records 2014
3:42 Trasher Hooded Fang Gravez Full Time Hobby 2013
1:14 Line Up / Face Down David T. Little, Toby Driver; Third Coast Percussion Haunt of Last Nightfall New Amsterdam 2014

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