In Memory Of John Peel Show Nov 14th – Podcast & Playlist

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Has Bill Corsello surpassed the legend Robert Pollard (new band Ricked Wicky)? Is the best electronic music cming from Macedonia – find out this week:
… As John Peel did it.

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:56 Rise & Shine Mr. Gnome The Heart of a Dark Star El Marko Records 2014
3:16 Step 21 Wiley Snakes & Ladders Big Dada Recordings 2014
5:09 Sefty Belt Fantasma Eye Of The Sun EP #South Africa-Soundway Records 2014
2:50 Well Suited Ricked Wicky I Sell The Circus GBV 2014
5:49 Truce Bill Corsello Fb: William Corsello 2014
1:50 The Program Honduras Break Black Bell Records 2014
6:51 Grace Lake Thurston Moore The Best Day Matador Records 2014
8:45 Brando Scott Walker + Sunn O))) Soused 4AD 2014
5:35 Beneath the Golden Tree Halasan Bazar & Tara King th. 8 Moon Glyph 2014
1:52 Dowland Suite I Introduction B-Five Recorder Consort In Search of Dowland Coviello Classics 2014
4:31 Tangled Pipes (Medasyn Brook(lyn)s Bass Remix) Consortium5 The Art of Remix NONCLASSICAL 2014
4:39 From Hate to Smoke El Mahdy Jr. The Spirit of Fucked Up Places – RE-PRESS Boomarmnation 2014
4:06 The Pressures of Golf Ergo Phizmiz Music To Help Celine Dion Improve Her Golf 2014
1:41 Oompa Augustus Primus Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble MP3 ATO 2014
4:05 Fox Tales Koloto Mechanica EP & Bonus Remixes Bad Panda Records 2014
3:14 Dirty Work Sama Dams Comfort in Doubt 2014
2:11 Country Dean Blunt Black Metal Rough Trade 2014
4:04 Hang Ten Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic) Bestiary Rhymesayers Entertainment. 2014
14:31 the sprawl fydhws Across the Mountains Silber Media 2014
2:39 Storm Mr. Gnome The Heart of a Dark Star El Marko Records 2014
6:30 Waltz for Girl Wearing Balcony Ergo Phizmiz ORGANOFF 2014
5:37 Silicon Alan Sondheim, Christopher Diasparra, Edward Schneider Cutting Board ESP-Disk’ 2014
1:23 Go Cart – Loop mix Kevin MacLeod Royalty Free 2013
2:00 Trust Falls Bill Corsello Promo Fb: William Corsello 2014
2:23 Piss Face Ricked Wicky I Sell The Circus GBV 2014
0:40 Komplet-lepinja Lezet Dabblings 4 Surrism Phonoethics 2014
0:51 Junk Poem #3 Junk Poet Junk Poetry Zaph Mann 2006
6:44 Street Halo Burial Hyperdub 10.4 CD2 Hyperdub 2014
7:09 Noyfb Laurel Halo Hyperdub 10.4 CD2 Hyperdub 2014
5:28 Johnny On The Island The Fighting Jamesons The Fighting Jamesons 2014

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