In Memory Of John Peel Show Oct 31st – Podcast & Playlist

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Mexico’s Tor.Ma in Dub’s opener from    Delirious Experiences & Echoes     sums it up – from Tasmania to Finland – astonishing music…. Just like John Peel did it.

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
5:49 No difference Between I and I Tor.Ma in Dub Delirious Experiences & Echoes #Mexico 2014
3:51 New Born feat. Ummagma Sounds of Sputnik New Born Ear to Ear Records 2014
3:41 Track 07 Bell Gardens Slow Dawns For Lost Conclusions Rocket Girl 2014
3:51 Dreamer Umiaq Far From Home EP Bandcamp 2014
4:05 Ayahuasca Blues (Unmanned Drone) ACID BABY JESUS Selected Recordings Slovenly 2014
4:30 Vocabularies Thurston Moore The Best Day Matador Records 2014
5:48 Wachovia Pissed Jeans Shallow Sub Pop 2014
8:46 Noum-Syowa-Kourin Mehata Sentimental Legend Noum Zeccyou #Japan- Mind Plug Records 2013
6:49 Koutus Harri Kuusijarvi Koutus Koutus #Finland Siba Records 2014
4:10 Rot Inside Halasan Bazar & Tara King th. 8 Moon Glyph 2014
3:10 Follow You Down Allah-Las Worship The Sun Innovative Leisure 2014
1:20 Jack MOURN MOURN Captured Tracks 2014
5:17 Raining To Stop A Riot Zoe Zac Flow Chart #Tasmania -Metal Postcard 2014
7:13 Norman: Music In Circles – Part 2 yMusic Balance Problems New Amsterdam 2014
17:52 First Approach Torben Ulrich & Søren Kjærgaard Meridiana: Lines Toward A Non-local Alchemy #Denmark – Escho 2014
7:43 Lies, Lies & Government (Part 1) Calvin Party 21 Songs for John 2014
3:28 Phantomatik El Mahdy Jr. The Spirit of Fucked Up Places – RE-PRESS Boomarmnation 2014
3:45 Assim esta Bom Batida Dois Soundway Records 2014
3:38 Lagos State of Mind Mendo Lagos State of Mind #Nigeria 2014
1:45 Oompa Violet Primus Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble MP3 ATO 2014
3:10 Power ON Jeff Kolar Remote Control 2014
4:05 Snowbird Clark Clark Warp Records 2014

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