In Memory Of John Peel Show Oct 24th – Podcast & Playlist

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Scott Walker, Thurston Moore, Dels, Nots, Batida and many other new releases……. Just like John Peel did it.

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:58 Out In The Night Useless Eaters Bleeding Moon Castle Face 2014
3:47 Dry Well Good Times Crisis Band Nine of Clubs Australian Cattle Dog 2012
2:55 Televangelist Nots We Are Nots Goner Records 2014
3:23 I Collect Plastics Transistor Six ? Norman Records 2014
4:45 Urine You’re Not Alone Simon Mathewson Makes Children as Fat as Pigs 2014
2:13 Life Of Leylandii Meadow House Jumped Skywards, Walked Forward Resonance FM 2006
3:01 Spooky Eyes Dan Melchior und Das Menace Hunger Castle Face 2014
9:23 Bull Scott Walker + Sunn O))) Soused 4AD 2014
6:51 Glass: Wichita Sutra Vortex Philip Glass Glass: Solo Piano Chatham Square Productions 1989
3:29 Circles (Radio Edit) Kate Tempest Circles Big Dada 2014
2:36 CHASING A BEAST Kode9 & The Spaceape Killing Season Hyperdub 2014
2:01 HEART Kode9 & The Spaceape Killing Season Hyperdub 2014
1:50 PICTURES ON THE WALL Kode9 & The Spaceape Killing Season Hyperdub 2014
3:44 Ta Doce Batida Dois Soundway Records 2014
3:08 Want To Be White FOKN Bois FOKN Wit Ewe 2012
2:56 Accident Matthew Edwards & The Unfortunates The Fates Metal Postcard 2014
4:20 Memory Fails Me Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras Catholic Dark Entries 2014
8:29 Speak To The Wild Thurston Moore The Best Day Matador Records 2014
0:17 Angelene (Research Hook) PJ Harvey Angelene 0
3:16 Animals And And And Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 2 2013
6:06 Bekkerveld Unknown Artist Places #Netherlands-Lomechanik 2014
4:39 silver moon…shine sun! sun! sun! Ignatz II #Belgium 2009
6:56 Star Time Hieroglyphic Being The Fourth Dimensions Of A Nubian Mystic 12″ Technicolour 2014
8:07 Breath Takers Wally Schnalle Idiot Fish Retlaw Records 2014
2:05 Monster’s Ball LiKWUiD LIKWUIDITY: IN DEPTH 2 Hungry Bros Music 2014
2:13 Story 2 clipping. CLPPNG Sub Pop 2014
3:24 Pack Of Wolves DELS Petals Have Fallen Big Dada 2014
3:55 Theme From Becky Kate Tempest Everybody Down Big Dada 0

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