In Memory Of John Peel Show June 6th – Podcast & Playlist

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Ari UP, annette Peacock, but is the best new music coming from South Korea & Australia… amazing variety of sounds for antennas all over planet earth. No talkovers – Just like John Peel did it.

Please Back the show! Any amount to helps pay for the six months of podcasts.

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In Memory of John Peel Show… LIVE on Fridays noon-2pm Pacific time on Radio23 & even on Xbox

Time Song Artist Album Label Year
2:38 Reject The Slits Trapped Animal Narnack Records 2009
4:09 Ari Up Hollie Cook Twice Mr Bongo 2014
4:14 Feel The Freedom (Ft. Kyoka) Diamond Version CI Mute 2014
7:02 Muévelo Negro ft. Nidia Góngora Quantic Magnetica Tru Thoughts Records 2014
4:26 Hal Yasmine Hamdan Ya Nass Crammed Discs 2013
3:47 Wire Frame Mattress The Wytches Wire Frame Mattress Partisan 2014
2:02 Tarpeian Rock Protomartyr Under Color of Official Right Hardly Art 2014
3:54 The Passions Owen Pallett In Conflict Domino 2014
4:20 Dying in Waves Andrew McKenna Lee The Knells New Amsterdam 2013
4:08 Lady Low Teleman Breakfast Mstrd Moshi Moshi 2014
2:50 Skull Castle Decorator Bill Baird Diamond Eyepatch Moon Glyph 2014
2:45 Burberry Congo White Hex Gold Nights Felte 2014
15:49 Polly Ann – The Race Bang on a Can All-Stars/Mediaeval Trio Julia Wolfe: Steel Hammer Cantaloupe 2014
2:55 Insomnia Balval Ten Hand Band Whaling City Sound 2014
3:42 Went Away The Chewers Chuckle Change And Also Cimmerian Shade Recordings 2014
4:30 Chrysalis JB Nimble The Jester’s Dance Ear Peace Records 2013
3:16 I Don’t See It Propaganda Crimson Cord Humble Beast Records 2014
4:42 El Conde de Gondomar Christoph Günther Live Performance WC Germany 2014
6:45 I’m The One Annette Peacock I’m The One RCA 1972
8:54 In Paradisum (medieval chant) (arr B Yoon) Bora Yoon Sunken Cathedral Innova 2014
3:20 What Are You Searching For Alice Boman EP II The Control Group 2014
4:03 Mao Into Madame Mao Into Marvin Gaye Tyson Meade Tomorrow In Progress LP Pure Volume 2014
2:33 Kotche: Anomaly – Part 1 Kronos Quartet Adventureland Cantaloupe 2014
3:35 Operate At Your Optimum (Ft. Atsuhiro Ito) Diamond Version CI Mute 2014

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