VOTE 2013 – Festive Fifty One!

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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listen to the live broadcast of the Festive 51 spread over 3 shows Friday 27th (noon-2pm PT),  Monday and Tuesday 30th/31st 2-4pm PT
OR noon-4pm on the 31st… watch this space…

  • This is an updating list Played 2013 IMOJP – all tracks played this year on the IMOJP show, it might help… sort by label/band etc .
  • If you vote for something we’d never play we’ll ignore it… if you vote for something we should have played we’ll try to do so this year and either way include your votes.

Here’s the list of  Acts With Votes so far (no songs, ranking or details)… and there MAY be special shows so track the blog or the podcast sites.

Vote ASAP by Boxing Day (26th Dec) with your favourite five, or seven, OK try 12 – we’ll ‘weight’ your vote accordingly. Comment too – and if you think of something later send an email – don’t fret – it’s not taht serious! 


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