THE FESTIVE 51 is back! VOTE now

Posted: November 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

Each year listeners vote for their favourite tracks; voting opens late Nov to Christmas eve and the shows span the last 3 days of the year.

The FESTIVE FIFTY ONE is back and you can vote for any tracks you want*** – Vote by email FB Twitter This FB or Tumblr or the form below

Answers to FAQs
*** Vote only for something worthy of the show: Every year many songs that weren’t played force their way on like ‘write-in’ candidates! Here’s a list of what has been played to date:IMOJP-2018-Nov25Latest – votes for corporate pop songs will just be discarded.

** If you can’t remember tracks titles you can just vote for a band/act – your vote will be ‘attached’ to their leading track at that point.

  • “Industry” can vote (i.e. PR/Labels) and your bias is adjusted by a -1 per vote (unless you clearly vote across the board and off business interests).

Votes are evaluated and worth 2 or more points based how many you vote for:

7 is the peak for maximising your vote points but you can vote for up to 20
Ordering your vote verses just listing votes gives a slightly higher score to those at the top of the order

Voting for just one song will get minimum. If a flood of single votes come in and it’s obviously a ‘campaign’ it gets ‘capped’.




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